Number of off-peak vehicles continues to dip as COE premiums climb

Arina Fedorova
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SINGAPORE – Just 140 cars and trucks were signed up under the off-peak automobile (OPC) scheme between January and July – with the refunds damaged by rising certificate of entitlement (COE) premiums making the option less attractive.The 140 figure represents just 0.74 percent of total cars and truck registrations and comes amid a shrinking backdrop of OPC cars. There were just 10,293-determined by their red registration plates – on the roadway in July. In 2012, the figure was 45,173. This article has been released on under the title Number of off-peak cars and trucks continues to dip as COE premiums climb is best news websites 2022 for breaking news, videos, social media marketing and the current leading stories in world news, company, politics, health and pop culture.

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